Andy Gardner

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Andy Gardner

Full Stack Web Developer

  • UCLA Grad
  • 42sv Software Intern
  • Improvisor
  • Public Speaker

Hi! The name's Andy and I love working with teams to build professional, fun web applications. I'm passionate about learning new technologies and believe in always striving to grow my knowledge base.

Utility Belt


HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, Embedded JS (ejs), Embedded Ruby (erb)


Node.js, Express, Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, REST APIs


Python, Ruby, Selenium, C, Bash/Unix/Linux, Git/Github/Gitlab, Heroku, Chrome Dev Tools


00 Heimdall

Heimdall is a 42 Silicon Valley parking registration and validation application. It is a collaboration with French and US staff members. I was charged with re-building the frontend and updating the Postgres database. It is a Rails CRUD app that utilizes 42's API to verify student/staff login and access. This is a version with the authentiation removed and database reset so it can be demoed.

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Embedded Ruby, jQuery
Backend: Rails (RoR), PostgreSQL, Heroku


01 Sherlock

Sherlock is a small Node.js app that is a tool developed to help 42sv's staff evaluate which students currently in the curriculum have reached the level for beginning internships. It has login authentication to an sqlite3 database for select staff, the database has been removed for demo purposes. It uses 42's API to run multiple requests for retreiving and then working with various data to return the answer. The students ID is provided and it runs. (Try it out one at a time: kyork, spidey, dsaetern).

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Embedded Javascript (EJS)
Backend: Node.js/Express, sqlite3, Heroku


02 Samraat Curry Hut

This is a static website built as a personal project. The client is a local Indian restaurant that wants to provide general information such as menu and contact info.

Built with: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap